My safety is central to me. I also very much care about the safety of the other members of the Club.

Safety starts with ME, continues with YOU, and concerns all of US in the peloton.

Having the right attitude must be contagious! 
An accident riding with the Club is not an option. 

Consult the resources on this page to take a pull in the right direction.

Words from the President during the Club's General Assembly in February 2024:
"As we cross the threshold of our garage with our bike, we must, for the sake of our loved ones, and of our fellow riders, formulate the ambition to return home in one piece. Whilst riding for fun, let us never let our guard down.
You do not ride prudently to make someone happy, you ride safely and prudently, first and foremost, for yourself". 

Info Sécurité du Mois : Michel is our Safety Contact at the CCL.
Do nos hesitate to share your thoughts with him or with any member of the Comité Directeur. 

More updates can be found on the following page that is visited often. 

Our first theme will be around riding safely in a group. 
Please determine what Group you should be riding in.
Riders of similar skills and riding at the same pace enhance the safety of all. 

Make sure when riding in larger groups to split the numbers and leave enough space for vehicles to pass you. 

If you need help with French material, chat with one of our bilingual members. It's great practice!